Back Pain Relief

Pain in your back or shoulders can keep you from working and living your normal life. Dr. Moore’s Pain and Discomfort Lotion can be applied on your lower, middle, or upper back and shoulders. This special formula works wonders on all types of back and spine pain. Give it a try and order your sample today.

Arm Pain Relief

Many problems can cause hand, wrist, and elbow pain. Carpal tunnel syndrome causes aching, numbness and weakness. Rheumatoid arthritis, gout and other forms of arthritis can make hands tender and swollen. Dr. Moore’s Pain and Discomfort lotions is a fast and effective pain reliever  that can alleviate all types of pain in your arm. Give it a try and order your sample today.

Leg Pain

Knee, ankle, and foot pain can occur for many reasons, most commonly because of overuse, injuries or arthritis. You can also experience pain in your legs at any age due to degeneration of the joints, cartilage, and tendons, a condition known as osteoarthritis.  Get your mobility back and order your sample of Dr. Moore’s pain and discomfort lotion today.


Our Special Proprietary Blend of Natural Ingredients is 100% Safe for all Ages and Skin Types… Fast and Effective Pain Relief with a Pleasant Smell. No Side Effects, No Odor, and No Prescription Needed.


We offer Standard Shipping, Rush Shipping, and Local Pickup at our Houston Office.


Your order will arrive in discreet packaging with no visible indicator of the contents inside.


Our Staff is here to Help you. Call or email us with any questions you may have.


Dermatologist & Dermatologic Surgery

Dr. Milton D. Moore Photo

Founder and Inventor

Dr. Moore developed and has a patent pending on a new lotion that helps with acute or chronic pain, including diabetic nephropathy. He also developed a lotion that deals with an acute or chronic burn, in terms of releasing pain and discomfort allowing the skin to heal faster with minimizing scarring.

Moore Relief Dermaceuticals  was created from scratch when Dr. Moore, the founder, simply couldn’t find a product that performed to his higher-than-average standards. Motivated by the challenge, he set out on a mission to create the best performing pain and burn cream in the business. Leveraging a background as a pharmacist and his skills as a highly-successful inventor, Dr. Moore spent many months devoted to research & development before arriving at what he felt was the magic formula. With these new products in hand, he proudly shared his new creations with friends and family and it was immediately met with high praise. Today, our pain and burn creams are available for anyone in need of this premium product and was meticulously crafted using the same high-standards that started it all.


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