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Soreness & Muscle Aches

Don't let the stress and strain of life stop you. Just rub on Moore Relief and for fast pain relief to get you back into the game.

Joints and Range of Motion

Aches & Joint discomfort stop many from being active. But you can get relief and help increase flexibility with Moore Relief.

Everyday Discomfort

Control the daily discomfort of life's aches and tension with Moore Relief, specifically formulated for safe everyday relief.

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Dr. Milton D. Moore Photo

Dr. Milton D. Moore

My Philosophy

“I want to give the best medical and surgical care that can be provided to my patients. My patients are like family to me and I want the best for them. I strive to keep up with the latest information in medicine to provide cutting edge service. Using what knowledge is available I uniquely invent and create therapies that work to give the best results.”

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